Is your Ajax application really slow on IE7? Here’s a tip

July 11, 2011 11:56 by docbliny 

Is your Ajax application running really slowly for users on IE7 (poor folks)? Have you narrowed down the cause to updating the history with location.hash? Is dynaTrace showing you that it’s actually the native DOM call hanging for more than 5 seconds?

If so, disable the Internet Explorer 7 Developer Toolbar and associated Browser Helper Object (BHO).

Setting up GWT Development - Quick Start

March 23, 2011 20:21 by docbliny 

The following assumes you’re starting from scratch and need to install the basic software to get going.

  1. Install Eclipse.
    1. Download the appropriate version from . I usually get the Java EE version.
    2. Unzipping this will take a moment. I highly recommend using 7-Zip and making sure you don’t unzip over/on a network drive.
    3. Copy the extracted files to an appropriate place. I drop mine in the Program Files folder.
    4. Create a desktop icon / shortcut for eclipse.exe.
  2. Download and install Java Development Kit JDK.
    1. Download the appropriate version from
    2. This takes even longer.
  3. Start Eclipse and set up the Google Eclipse plug-in. The first time you start Eclipse, it’ll prompt you for a location for the workspace.
    1. Click the Help-menu, and then click Install New Software….
    2. Enter the appropriate plug-in installation path from, and then click Add….
    3. Enter Google Plug-in or similar into the Name field, and then click OK.
    4. Check Plugin and SDKs.
    5. Follow the instructions to finish the wizard.
    6. Restart Eclipse when prompted.