Replacing the Samsung Q1 UMPC internal fan

May 23, 2009 17:49 by docbliny 

The fan on my old Samsung Q1 gave out and I had to find a replacement. After a lot of digging, I had to hit eBay and get something close.

The sticker on the original fan states MCF-4008AM05-S, DC5V 120mA, Toshiba Home Technology Corporation. If you peel that off you’ll see MCF-TS4009M05, DC5V 200mA CODE GDM610000156". Several searches on Yahoo! later I ended up with a result stating that this is close to a Toshiba Portege M200/M205 small fan.

I haven’t measured whether there truly is a difference between the two fans (120mA vs. 200mA), but I did have to change to connector on the fan since that was different.

samsung q1 fan


Time to hook up some stuff to an Arduino Mega, plug it into the Q1 and install that as a CarPC.