P90X Tip of the Day: Switch sides

April 30, 2009 13:46 by docbliny 

If you’ve done P90X for some time, you’ve probably noticed that the timings (or counts) for exercises aren’t exactly the same for the right side versus the left side (Yoga knee to forehead, anyone?). This is understandable as Tony Horton usually explains the move/stretch the first time around.

The bad thing about this is that you might be favoring one side more than the other, usually the right. The easy fix for this is to do the movements in the opposite order every other time. This will balance things out for you in the long run.

P90X Tip of the Day: Relax when recovering

April 28, 2009 13:13 by docbliny 

Tuesday being Plyo-day, I thought I’d drop a short tip: When you’re recovering between moves, make sure you relax, especially when breathing out.

Make a mental note and check next time. I bet you you’re constricting your throat somewhat. You’ll notice it when breathing out. Relax and you’ll recover faster.

Obviously this applies to other exercises, too.

P90X – Part 3: Miscellaneous Tip

February 21, 2009 11:03 by docbliny 

Read the disclaimer from the first post. You, and only you, are responsible for what you do.

If you’re mostly desk-bound like me, the following tips may help you get the most out of P90X.

The Forums

Join the BeachBody forums. If for nothing else, browse around and find more tips. Don’t be afraid to join into the conversation if you have questions on anything. You’re pretty sure to get an answer or two. But remember, that this is a community based service so you should remember to talk to a professional if necessary (and that’s the advice you’ll often see).

The forums are also great for motivation. Join or monitor a group that starts P90X the same time you do. You’ll find that others are experiencing the same pains and gains you are. There are also tons of pictures from real people that can motivate you to “keep pushing play”.


Track your progress. Just like writing great software and websites, if you don’t have metrics, you can’t measure performance or success. Take the pictures and measurements as instructed before, during and after.

Don’t use weight as your only or primary metric. Consider a scale that takes a body fat measurement, such as the Omron HBF-500.

Just remember that these scales are notoriously inaccurate. So why recommend one? Well, while these will probably give you a percentage that is anywhere from 10-20% off the real body fat percentage, you can still use one to track the change in your body fat percentage. So while the number might not be the true value, you’ll still be able to monitor progress as long as you weigh yourself at the same time of day consistently. Taking an average over several days will give you an even better result. Another thing that will throw these types of devices off is your hydration level, or if you’re wet or sweaty. Keep it consistent.


P90X – Part 2: Diet Tips

February 21, 2009 11:01 by docbliny 

Read the disclaimer from the previous post. You, and only you, are responsible for what you do.


Getting Started

Before you start, see if you can get everyone else in your household to clean up their diet. This will make it much easier as you won’t be tempted by all the nasty stuff they are eating. Plus it’s easier to cook more than one portion anyway.

Before you start, go through your kitchen and hide all “the bad stuff” that has a shelf life over 90 days. Out of sight, out of mind. For the rest of the stuff that spoils (or that you really shouldn’t be eating anyway), consider throwing it out. Now.

When shopping, remember that you won’t eat what you don’t bring home. Unfortunately, this works the other way around, too. If you buy that 12-pack of muffins (@ 300-500 calories each), you’ll end up eating them. Don’t tell yourself that you’ll only have one and take to the office/freeze/throw out the rest. You know that ain’t happening.

Read and understand the nutrition guide. It’s flexible enough to work for most people. There’s even pointers for vegetarians. Don’t confuse the phases in the nutrition guide with the workout phases. Both have three, but they don’t necessarily have to be in sync.

Remember: Eat often.


P90X Overview

February 20, 2009 16:46 by docbliny 


Since I live in the land of the free, greedy, and thus scared (thanks to all the litigious people and lawyers), any and all disclaimers that limit/remove my liability apply. Read the instructions, consult a physician, use common sense. Run out of that? Travel and interact with different people and cultures to see how they do things and be willing to learn. Enough ranting, let’s get on with it.

What Is It?

P90X is an "extreme" fitness program you can do at home. It's also one of the most (if not the most) successful informercials on TV. It has a lot of pull-ups, push-ups, has a lot of variety and zero gimmicks.

Does It Work?


Does It Work As Advertised?

Maybe. That part will be up to you. If you are willing to work, are in reasonable to decent shape, and/or have a history of exercise, you’ll likely get the awesome results they advertise. Others might need more than one round, but you’ll get there. There are plenty of success stories from real people in the forums. Check them out.

Is P90X for me?