How to hump a plane

August 17, 2005 20:08 by docbliny 

The hump on the 747 jumbo wasn't enough for these guys, they needed to throw an orbiter on top, too...

Discovery almost ready for its trip back to the east coast. I wonder what a single flight like this costs? Anyone want to dig up the numbers for me?

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P.S. Love the trickedout tail fins

UPDATE: Reuters via CNET news tells me "It costs roughly $1 million to transport a shuttle 2,200 miles cross-country.". My trip was cheaper and I did it coast-to-coast-to-coast.

Russian reusable spacecraft Kliper

August 17, 2005 16:43 by docbliny 

Russia is hopefully going to beat NASA to the punch on this one, putting a little heat on NASA to actually come up with a cheaper alternative to routine maintenance and supplying trips.

Best part has to be the wood trim and furry airplane-style magazine pouches the pilots have. Yeah, OK it's a mockup, but still...