XBox Live MTU Error

February 4, 2012 13:37 by docbliny 

Had issues with XBox Live complaining about the MTU size not being sufficient. Well, that wasn’t actually the cause for me. In the end, I had to turn off uPnP on my Cisco RV082 firewall to get the network connection test to pass and to be able to sign into XBox Live.

More on (XBOX) Media Centers and Switches

April 24, 2009 09:08 by docbliny 

Kent posed the question whether the NetGear GS108T would solve his stuttering problem with HD and the XBOX and whether the SRW2008 I bought required any settings to be modified.

The GS108T might actually do the trick. The determining factor is said to be the size of the buffer memory in the device. The GS108T is listed as having “128kB per unit”. The GS108 I was using before lists “192kB on-chip buffering”.

Now the problem in comparing these two numbers is that the first might mean the device has a total of 1MB (8 ports x 128kB) and the second might mean a total of 192kB (Amazon lists 32kB per port, but the math there doesn’t add up with the specs (8 ports x 32kB = 256kB). I just don’t know if that’s the case, I can’t find solid info on that. But it doesn’t make sense that the cheaper non-smart model would have more memory.

As for the SRW2008, Linksys doesn’t make it easy to find the buffer memory size. I actually found it here:

In the table at the end, the SRW2008 is listed as having 1MB of buffer memory. So if that means it’s a total of 1MB, then it has the same amount as the GS108T you are looking at (1024kB / 8 ports = 128kB per port). In short, I don’t have a simple answer to your question. If you do go with the GS108T, please let me know if it works.

One other thing to take into consideration with smart switches is that many of them have fans in them, often noisy. This is simply because these devices are meant for businesses and a living room. This shouldn’t be a problem with the GS108T, it’s listed with “Acoustic noise: 0dB”, so it shouldn’t have any fans.

As for configuring the Linksys SRW2008, I didn’t have to fiddle with the settings. All I did was set an IP and password for the device and left everything else at their defaults.

UPDATE: Kent bought a NetGear GS108T and it solved the stuttering he was seeing. Anyone else have switch models that have resolved the issue?


Xbox 360 media center extender stuttering/freezing resolved

January 16, 2009 09:41 by docbliny 

I'd been having the problem described on when using my Xbox as a media center extender with Windows Vista on a gigabit network. The second workaround described in the article worked, but dropping my main machine to 100Mbps wasn't an acceptable long term solution. I finally got around to ordering a new switch that I was hoping would resolve the limitation of the Netgear GS108's 144kB buffer memory was causing. I ordered a Cisco/Linksys SRW2008 managed switch and luckily the problem was solved. Linksys SRW2008I looked at several switches that have larger buffers, but most of the units that were anywhere in a reasonable price range had 16 ports and several fans. While the XBox is still noisy, the last thing I need is more fans in the living room. In addition, the other units also used about twice the power (30+ Watts) which is an unnecesary 24/7 cost I also wanted to avoid. The Linksys SRW2008 has eight ports and is rated at 14W.

XBox 360 Spring 2007 Update

May 9, 2007 23:53 by docbliny 
We all know by now that the update adds MSN Messenger to the XBox, but what is interesting is that you can use it even while using Windows Media Center!

"Case" modding

February 20, 2007 21:17 by docbliny 

In an effort to tidy up the bedroom and the bring the noise level of the XBox 360 down a notch, I spent President's Day weekend modding a "case" for it. The frosted glass front of the drawer allows the IR media remote to work flawlessly and the (ex) PC fan at the back of the drawer keeps the temperature down. Oh, and the fan is remote controllable, too.

XBox 360 as an extender / in the living room

January 22, 2007 11:03 by docbliny 
Vista MCE is awesome. The fact that you can use an XBox 360 as an extender is great. The problem is that the XBox 360 is way too noisy for the living room. And I'm not talking about the DVD drive which is also impossibly loud, I'm talking about the fans. I want to use it as my TV guide, but I truly don't know where I'm going to put it to shut it up...