Yahoo! Music Unlimited (Engine, too) is dead, no more remote updates...

September 30, 2008 22:23 by docbliny 
So Yahoo! killed the service which effectively means that Yahoo! Music Engine/Jukebox can R.I.P. This also obviously means I don't have much motivation for updating the remote. I'll wrap up the source at some point and publish it in case anyone wants to take it and use it for some other purpose.

3rd and last YME/YMJ anniversary

May 19, 2008 13:22 by docbliny 

YMJ startup hang / problem

July 26, 2007 12:45 by docbliny 

I just installed YMJ 2.0.2 on my Samsung Q1 UMPC which has a default native resolution of 800x480. When I started up YMJ the first time it seemed to hang.

The main window was all I saw and it was unresponsive (but didn't have high CPU use). The cause turned out to be the low resolution 800x480 I was in: the Welcome wizard was failing to display itself.

Killing YMJ, switching to 800x600, and then restarting YMJ, I was able to get the welcome window to display and get things running along nicely.

Status update: No updates

May 25, 2007 18:46 by docbliny 

Sorry, guys and gals. I've been slammed lately and haven't had time to work on the remote and looks like I won't for at least the next month. Hang in there, I haven't given up on it!


Another YME/YMJ anniversary

May 22, 2007 19:31 by docbliny 
And I totally missed this one...

YMJ Taskbar Remote (Beta-ish)

February 25, 2007 21:14 by docbliny 

Been quiet lately, hasn't it? Well, thanks to Mike who emailed me asking about the Vista version, I put together a new version that should let me go back to do the stuff I do when not working on the remote. This isn't the Vista version I'd like to make, rather a quickly patched together version to work better with Vista (and XP for users who don't want to install the old .NET Framework 1.1).

I've attached version to this post. It's kinda beta-ish, I didn't have a lot of time to test the installer and to check backwards compatibility, but should work on Vista and XP. and no, you (still) can't change the color scheme. I've locked you from faded purple to black/gray... (XP users can get the Zune theme from Microsoft to make it "fit in" better.


Version, February 25, 2007 (and yes, the change log in the package says 2006...)

-          CHANGE: Changed the color scheme to match Vista a little better.
-          CHANGE: Built against the .NET Framework 2.0.
-          FIX: Doesn’t prevent taskbar from being transparent in Vista.
-          FIX: Now Playing window should now be visible when “Use fade effect” is off. (684.11 kb)

YMJ Taskbar Remote for XP released!

November 5, 2006 17:58 by docbliny 

And about time, too. You know what guys and gals? I think I might have finally licked the sticky window bug. I'm not 100% sure about it, but I am sure I busted another bug that I was able to reproduce.

So what else has changed? Not a whole lot. I went through and changed some references from YME to YMJ and Yahoo! Music Engine to Yahoo! Music Jukebox. For this reason I added some big red letters about upgrading since I had varying success doing an in-place upgrade (in plainspeak: not uninstalling before upgrading). Sometimes not uninstalling first screwed up my Taskbar settings (ended up having two instances of Quicklaunch etc), so I put in the warning to unintall first.

Download YMJ XP Taskbar Remote

Version, November 5, 2006
-          FIX: Fixed a bug with downloading album images which would cause an “Object not set to reference” exception. This may also be the cause for the sticky window bug.
-          CHANGE: Changed some names from YME to YMJ.  Version, June 21, 2006
-          CHANGE: Added some padding and error checking around certain cleanup functions.

YMJ Taskbar Remote for XP released!

November 5, 2006 12:05 by docbliny 

I just might have finally licked the sticky windows bug (I did squash one bug for sure), see the link below for details.

Tomi Blinnikka's Stuff - YMJ Taskbar Remote for XP released!

Yahoo! Music Engine renamed to Yahoo! Music Jukebox

August 4, 2006 02:21 by docbliny 

Right. Version 2.0 of YME, umm..., YMJ came out yesterday and I got a few questions on whether the remote still works. Short: Yes. No problems here.

Then the bad news: I had problems installing it on Windows Server 2003 (see my other blog for info here) and on one Windows XP (Tablet actually) it just bloody won't play anything, not even MP3s. It also crashes and gives weird error messages. Now that being said, I've had all sorts of stuff on the machine such as beta versions of Windows Media Player 11 and IE 7 (several versions). I'm still trying to figure out what is the real cause. In short: Feel free to upgrade, the remote works, but no guarantees on YMJ (end disclaimer). And you'll need to reboot at the end of the installation. Yuck.

UPDATE: I figured out why it wouldn't play on the Q1. I had some non-standard codecs installed on my machine (some all-in-one pack with DivX etc). Once I uninstalled them YMJ worked as it should.

Uninstalling/upgrading the remote

June 15, 2006 16:22 by docbliny 

Just a quick note as a response to one comment here about uninstalling the remote. I'll try to update this later with full instructions.

Mark said he uninstalled the remote and it still showed up in the taskbar. This sounds very much like he didn't reboot after uninstalling. The remote will be in memory even after an uninstall if you do not either log out or reboot.

He also ran into the situation where he upgraded from an older version and ended up with two toolbars listed. This is due to the toolbar being moved from Indolis Inc. to me and the IDs etc. changed. Running the uninstallation will clear out the old version.

To remove all the files manually, you'll need to do this with the .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration program under Administrative Tools. The correct file(s) are listed in the readme. You'll also need to remove several registry entries. [This is the part I'll need to update later when I havea some time]

NOTE! The installer does all of this automatically when you uninstall, so going "by the book" is a lot easier...