Nexus Q LED Applications

July 5, 2012 11:59 by docbliny 

This is just a quick post to list out the applications that I’m aware of that use the LEDs on the Nexus Q and their priorities within the system. The priority determines which application gets to control the LEDs at any given moment. Higher numbers represent higher priority. I haven’t looked at the code close enough to see how duplicate priorities are handled, but I’m guessing that that situation is not deterministic.

I haven’t put a lot of effort into verifying whether the descriptions match reality of what the applications do. I’m sure I’ve missed applications, too. Feel free to let me know if something is off.


Priority Application Description
0 / 100 TungstenLEDService Master volume. Uses 100 to override everything when volume is changing and switches to 0 otherwise.
5 Visualizer Displays theme-based animations.
10 NetworkLedController Network status indication.
20 HubBroker Bluetooth Pairing portion of the @home broker.
25 HubBroker NFC handler.

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