Tip of the day: Save some power on Windows Home Server

February 22, 2009 16:14 by docbliny 

Window Home Server is built on Windows Server 2003 and thus doesn’t have any power savings turned on by default. While there are some add-ins to put WHS to sleep/hibernate, you should go into the Power Options and turn on the “Server Balanced Processor and Performance” scheme to at least minimize CPU power consumption.

  1. Make a Remote Desktop connection to your WHS machine.
  2. Click the Start button.
  3. Click Control Panel, and then click Power Options.
  4. On the Power Schemes tab, select Server Balanced Processor Power and Performance.
  5. Consider changing the settings for Turn off hard disks, too.
  6. Click OK.


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3/1/2011 1:01:11 AM #

Home Automation

I just schedule a batch file with a shutdown.exe command to close down my WHS, then use the BIOS to wake the computer at the desired time. Works nicely for months now.

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