WinFX/Avalon and transparent windows

April 5, 2006 00:58 by docbliny 

EDIT: Daniel reminded me I should update my blog once in an eternity. Please see his comment for RTM info:

This information is a bit dated.  With the RTM release, you can now do the following:

    Window window = new Window();
    window.AllowsTransparency = true;
    window.WindowStyle = WindowStyle.None;

This will create a borderless window that allows transparently.  Regarding software acceleration, you'll find this interesting:

- Daniel

Original outdated post:

Just a quick tip. If you've searched online for a way to make a transparent, borderless, or shaped window in WPF (formerly known as Avalon) and you've found the Win32 Interop method of HwndSource and UsesPerPixelOpacity, you might want to just switch to using a Popup with AllowsTransparency set to True. Just remember that currently (February 2006 CTP) this will mean that hardware acceleration won't be used (oh please, please, please add hardware support...)

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